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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Office of the Development Commissioner for Hill Areas of Assam

Status of Fund Allocation

Spectral allocation under state funding for Priority Development (SFPD), which includes state own priority Development (SOPD)/CSS/EAP/RIDF:

Fund Allocation KAAC 2018-19155.69 KBswf-image
Fund Allocation NCHAC 2018-19155.43 KBswf-image
Final Allocation KAAC 2017-1871.69 KBswf-image
Final Allocation NCHAC 2017-1871.26 KBswf-image
Final Plan Allocation KAAC 2016-1754.33 KBswf-image
Final Plan Allocation NCHAC 2016-1753.62 KBswf-image